Doggie adventures in the South West

And We’re off!! December 7, 2012

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After having our first successful walk a month or so ago we’re grow and getting more walk set up!  To help us grow I’ve created a meetup.com page.  Stop on by and join our group.  Dates and times of walks will be announced on there.  We can still always we can be found on our facebook page.  Stop on by and say hi and pass the word around!!


It’s Getting Cool (er) out!! September 10, 2012

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The weather seems to finally be breaking!! Thanks to a few days of some nice rain and clouds I think it’s safe to say… it’s hiking season!!! We are going to kick Explorabulls into gear!

This week I am going to explore some locations for a group walk. Thinking something in town, more of a walk than a hike, but still some fun exploring! Stay posted throughout the week.

Share our page with your local friends who would love to join our little group. Visit our Facebook page as well to stay up to date on happenings. Looking forward to our first walk of the season!!


First Hike! March 23, 2012

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We have been very busy with planning and other life adventures.  We originally wanted to do our first walk last weekend, but thankfully we didn’t!  With all that rain and hail and wind, I don’t think it would have been very enjoyable.  So the goal is to have our first Explorabull hike next Sunday April 1st.  We haven’t selected an exact trail yet, but were thinking somewhere in the South Mountain area.  Please visit our Facebook page and Like it to stay tuned for more details.  We are going to make the hikes private and would like to have people sign up ahead of time so we can share the exact location details. 


Please share our group with your dog loving, adventure loving friends.


Welcome!! March 8, 2012

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Welcome to ExploraBull!!

We are so excited to be joining the world of pitbull adventures and socialization.  Our goal is to create organized hikes/walks to promote the positive image of pitbull type dogs and their owners.  We also want to allow our dogs to socialize in a responsible, controlled environment. 

We fell in love with this idea through reading the wonderful blog of Two Pitties in the City. They then posted about the origins of the idea from HikeABull in California.  Now there are groups starting all over the country.  So we thought, why not start one out here in Arizona?!  We have beautiful weather, endless amount of land to explore, and three adorable pitbulls that love to hike. 

Please stay posted for announcements and updates as we progress in this adventure.  Join our Facebook page for Explorabull too!!