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It’s Getting Cool (er) out!! September 10, 2012

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The weather seems to finally be breaking!! Thanks to a few days of some nice rain and clouds I think it’s safe to say… it’s hiking season!!! We are going to kick Explorabulls into gear!

This week I am going to explore some locations for a group walk. Thinking something in town, more of a walk than a hike, but still some fun exploring! Stay posted throughout the week.

Share our page with your local friends who would love to join our little group. Visit our Facebook page as well to stay up to date on happenings. Looking forward to our first walk of the season!!


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  1. […] live in the area, and are interested in joining our ExploraBull dog walking group stop on by our Blog  for som up to date information.  Also visit our Facebook page for more up to the minute […]

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